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Creative & Design

Our team of creatives can bring your vision to life through comprehensive and effective design. Our creative team can help with anything from logos and branding, to digital ad campaigns, brochures, social media banners, and more.


Whatever the platform, we ensure that your company’s message comes across loud and clear.

What do you mean by creative?

Creativity can mean a lot of things, but in this case, we are referring to the visual aspect of your brand, and the first thing that draws people in. This could be anything from your logo and name, to the imagery, colours, and fonts used to describe and sell your brand. Great graphic design embeds your brand’s identity and message firmly in the minds of consumers to leave a lasting impression.

Most people mistakenly believe that design is about making things attractive, but it encompasses much more. Design is just as much a science as it is art. Design is for everyone and no one in particular; it's a subtle yet complex process that applies to all forms of marketing.

Language is the language of humans, and design is the language of feelings. Not everyone understands the same language, but everyone understands the colours and images that make up the world around us. This universal language of design is unspoken but still communicative. Learning to use this language to speak to your audience is to master the language of feeling.

How will you do it?

At Hermit, we use a process that combines imagery and psychology to convey a message that creates an impactful user experience. We research and develop designs that use colours and imagery that convey the feelings that speak to the viewer and convert. We start with a free consultation - diving deep into what makes your company unique. After your consultation, we move to the discovery stages to provide mockups and proofs for your review. We work closely with you until the finished product is produced with every detail considered.

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Why is a well-designed website Important?

In marketing, we deal in impressions and the conversion of those impressions. The more your marketing efforts stick in your prospective customer's minds, the better. If the content is sound but not aesthetically pleasing or engaging, you risk the chance of that person leaning toward a brand that resonates more with them. The lack of good design can lead to spending more money on ads, spending more time gaining followers, and consequently losing prospective customers to the competition. When your content, brand, and vision come together in a cohesive visually pleasing way, it becomes an engaging and memorable experience, which will ultimately increase conversion rates.

Our Process.


Consultation & Brief

We conduct a preliminary design brief; gathering as much information as possible about your goals, objectives, expectations, mission, vision, and, as well as their products or services. Determining the scope and platform that will be utilized for the project.


Plan & Execute

Once we have a clearer understanding of the creative direction, we start to sketch and present what we have designed. We will submit our progress intervals of 10, 50, and 99 percentile stages of completion.


Research & Brainstorm

Once we have the design brief laid out, we start researching and brainstorming. During this phase, we seek information on your competitors, point of differentiation (POD), market, audience, trends, and future prospects.


Final Product

Now we are finished! We will present the final product; depending on the project we will offer some final revisions, send you the appropriate files, and put the designs into action.

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Do you need graphic design for marketing?

Statics or facts won't sell your brand, attractive visuals won't help your marketing stand out on its own. Both of these have to work together so you may cater to your audience emotionally and logically. Graphic design is not marketing, it must work in tandem with it for either to be effective.

What can a graphic designer do that I can’t do?

A graphic designer does more than simply use their imagination. Even though most graphic designers have a natural sense of creativity, they often spend a lot of time studying various design ideas. It's crucial to know how to employ design components to convey the necessary information and ideals as well as evoke a specific reaction from the viewer. They make use of these design components as well as concepts like colouring, typography, space, balance, structure, and forms to create their visual message as a visual communicator.

Is graphic design expensive?

On the surface, graphic design appears to be costly since the consumer gets good value for their money and it is viewed as an investment, but this is not always the case. Many small businesses often underinvest in quality graphic design in terms of both time and money. That said, more money doesn't always mean more quality. This is why it’s important to keep track of what you might get as a return on your investment.

What makes a design good or bad?

While the answer can be subjective to personal taste, a bad design is difficult to understand. Distracting, challenging to use, and short-lived in the viewer's mind. Good visual design improves readability, communicates effectively and swiftly, and focuses the viewer's attention on the message's most important details.

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